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JB Roofing Inc. has been performing Harwood Heights Illinois wood shingles installation for over 15 years.

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Harwood Heights Illinois Wood Shingles InstallationWood shingles are fairly thin, slender and short pieces of tapered wood that had been cut from the heart of a tree trunk. This section of the tree is highly resistant to weather as compared to the outer part of the tree trunk, called the sapwood.

The most common type of a cedar shingle is 3/8” to 3/4” thick and between 3” to 8 inches wide, 14” to 36” long. Because of the cutting procedure this traditional wood shingle has a smooth surface that ensures proper fit.

Nowadays, there is a tendency towards the irregular, rougher surface of the wood shingles that give more rustic appeal to the property.

Remember to use proper methods for Harwood Heights Illinois wood shingles installation

The wood shingles installation procedure is what affects the roof’s moisture condition. Furthermore, moisture buildup has significant influence on the cedar shingles life span. A couple of centuries ago, wood shingles were used on regular basis and were secured to the nailing strips attached to the roof framing.

There was no moisture barrier installed underneath (roofing / tar paper used today) which actually allowed for faster drying of the wood shingles. With currently used roofing paper and to improve drying time of the cedar shingles, an air space can be created between the shingles and the paper.

This can be performed by installation of the furring strips directly onto the roofing paper covered decking (furring strips secured parallel to the structural members) and by installation of widely spaced laths at a 90 degree angle to the furring strips. Any condensation or water that penetrates or accumulates beneath the shingles can easily drain down the roof and that created space permits air circulation significantly decreasing drying time of the wood shingles.

An alternative option to improve Harwood Heights Illinois wood shingles installation ventilation is to use material called “Cedar Breather”, a thick underlayment for wood shingles that provides a continuous air space under their surface, thus eliminating excessive moisture problem, and allowing the bottom surface of cedar shingles to dry much faster.

Minimizing moisture amount reduces possibility of the roof deck / shingles rotting and warping. Cedar Breather’s additional function is also creating a cushion for wood shingles to withstand severe hail storms.
Some jurisdictions may require this extra air space under the cedar shingles, or maybe you may wish to have this feature added to your Harwood Heights Illinois woo shingles installation. Just let JB Roofing know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Cedar roofs in Harwood Heights Illinois tend to attract moss growth.

The easiest way to minimize / partially control moss growth on the wooden roof decking surface is to use certain types of flashing materials. Those that work the best are: zinc, galvanized, or copper flashings. The natural corrosion of these flashing materials partially manages moss, mold, and mildew growth on wood shingle areas located approximately within 15 ft (5 m) + down the slope from the installed flashing.

The best working locations for those metals pieces of flashing are using them as a wood shingle roof ridge caps, or installing metal strips under the top courses of cedar shingles exposing at least 1 inch of metal. Depending on the size of the roof, installation of some additional strips might be required down the roof.

If you have any questions concerning your Harwood Heights Illinois wood shingles installation, feel free to call JB Roofing at (847) 639-7756 for answers.