Barrington Metal Roof Installations

 Barrington metal roof installations are very slowly becoming a popular alternative to traditional roofing materials.

Illinois metal roof installations - Metal roofing panels resembling clay tile

However, the majority of people are still not familiar with this particular kind of roofing material, which results in many misconceptions. They don’t realize that metal roofing offers significant advantages over traditional roofing materials. Illinois metal roof installations are extremely long lasting, durable, will save you money and create comfortable conditions for your family.

1 square in roofing calculations = 100 square feet area (10’x10′)

Although, Barrington metal roof installations cost will be higher than the traditional roof installation, in the long run it is going to be far lower when compared to a property which has an asphalt roof.

Metal roofs life span and warranty goes as far as lifetime, with 50 year offered by many manufacturers. Insurance providers may also offer lower premiums in some states, which might be worth or researching while deciding on such installation.

Variety of metal roofing designs, textures, finishes, and colors allows for easy coordination with nearly any house style.

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Barrington Metal Roof Installations highlights in just a few words:

  • exceptional durability
  • extremely resistant to damaging weather conditions such as hail
  • minimal or no maintenance requirement
  • moss and mildew resistant
  • insects or termites resistance
  • light-weight
  • fireproof
  • energy efficient
  • quick, simple and clean installation procedure

Barrington Metal Roof Installations – Metal Roofing Materials

Illinois metal roof installations - Coated panels resembling clay tilesThe two most common metal roofing materials are coated aluminum and steel. Both can resemble the look of traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, heavy slate / stone tiles, but at the same time no roof structure reinforcement is required. Top of the line in metal roofing hierarchy – copper and stainless steel are also available, but require significantly larger budget.

The majority of aluminum and steel roofing materials are coated with Kynar – a dense, high-quality plastic with exceptional solar reflectance, and fading resistance.

Is Barrington metal roof installation for you? Traditional asphalt shingle roof initial installation cost is much lower, but in a long run, the benefits of a high quality metal roof may significantly exceed those initial savings.

We can explain all of the options, help you decide, and install the metal roof  for you, contact us and ask about Illinois metal roof installations.