Roofing Tile Materials We Use in Barrington

There are currently a few different tile roofing materials available on the market, and we can install all of them for you:

Tile roofing materials - Clay tile roof by Illinois roofing contractorTile roofing Materials – Clay Tiles

Clay-based roof tiles are manufactured simply by baking molded clay into a tile. Their density depends on time and temperature at which clay is heated. Roofing clay tiles come in many surface finishes, that include glazing and texture variations.

There’s also a broad selection of clay tile profiles, styles, and colors on the market. Installation techniques vary depending on the characteristics of the clay tile being installed;

  • two piece
  • one piece
  • interlocking
  • flat

A couple of things to keep in mind – they are quite expensive, and heavy. Installation requires  reinforced roof structure to withstand excessive load.

Tile roofing Materials – Cement / Concrete Tiles

These are made out of Portland cement, sand and water mixed together. Cement tiles are fireproof, their surface may be finished with cementitious material pigmented using synthetic oxide additives. Cement tiles come in many colors and styles / shapes, they last several decades with minimum or no maintenance at all. However, just like the clay tiles, they are expensive and installation involves reinforced supporting structure.

Tile roofing Materials – Slate Tiles

Tile roofing materials - Slate tile roof deterioratingSlate tiles have a distinctive look and are considered as highest quality and longest lasting natural roofing material on the market. All that comes with a high price tag, demanding installation procedures, and delicateness of the slate tiles.

As other roofing materials, slate tiles are available in various sizes, thicknesses and natural colors. Properly constructed, clay tile covered roofs can last well over 100 years, they are fire resistant and environmentally friendly.

Tile roofing Materials – Concrete fiber reinforced roof tiles

Concrete fiber reinforced roof tiles can be shaped and colored to resemble shake shingles (wood), tile or stone. Although, they are not as heavy as other tile materials, they are fireproof and insect resistant, require minimum maintenance, and are very durable, but cost can be significant.

Tile roofing materials / Metal tile roof - JB Roofing, Inc.

Tile roofing Materials – Metal Roofing Tiles

Metal roofing tiles are made out of steel, aluminum, tin or copper. They are often shaped to imitate slate tiles or cedar shingles, are manufactured in various colors. They are very light which allows them to be installed over an existing roof. Metal roofing tiles usually least half of a century and (assuming that correctly installed) are resistant to severe weather.

Tile Roofing Materials – Synthetic Roofing Tiles

Synthetic roofing tiles can be created to appear such as any kind of of the conventional roofing tiles. New compounds as well as production methods have made synthetic products a lot more resistant to the weather conditions and much tougher as compared to organic and natural materials.

Synthetic roofing tiles are manufactured using polymers or rubber blended with fillers. They often feature a fifty year manufacturer’s warranty, are generally fire, and also impact-resistant. Synthetic roofing tiles are easier to install when compared with alternative products made from natural materials. Because synthetic tiles are light-weight, they might be mounted on top of an existing roof without strengthening of its framework.

If you have any questions about tile roofing materials we can install for you, let us know.