Illinois Wood Shingles Installation | Cedar Shingles and Shakes

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Illinois wood shingles installation - old, deteriorated wood shingles roof

High quality Illinois wood shingles installation is provided by JB Roofing, your Illinois roofing contractor for over 15 years. We install both: cedar wood shingles and cedar wood shakes.

The difference between cedar wood shingles and wood shakes is in their manufacturing process and in what follows, which is – their appearance.

  • Cedar wood shingles are sawn on both sides, have smooth surfaces, and lay flat one on the other
  • Cedar wood shakes are split / not sawn, have rough surfaces (or face only) and variable thickness. Unless they are tapered, they will not lie in their courses tightly together

Western red cedar shingles are available in 3 sizes, four different grades and two thicknesses.

  • 16” long – known as Five X
  • 18” long – Perfections
  • 24” long – Royals

Grade #1 – Blue Label – it has a vertical grain and it is considered the best in cedar shingles
Grade #2 – Red Label – they are likely to cup, but still are being used on roofs (lower quality)
Grade #3 – Black Label & #4 – Undercoursing – not intended for roofing application, only for siding

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Let me give you a few other details you should  know before deciding on your Illinois wood shingles installation.

Illinois Wood Shingles Installation Important Basics

  • Cedar wood shingles contain natural oils that make them resistant but not completely immune to insects, rot, and weather. Over time, their surface exposed to wind and rain erosion loses its protective capabilities, which results in splitting and possible leaks.

Illinois wood shingles installation - moss covered wood shingles - shaded areaIllinois wood shingles installation - Moss growing on wood shakes surface in shaded areaAlso, under some conditions those protecting oils become a habitat attracting mildew and moss growth.

Beware, that cedar roof sections shaded with trees, located on the north plane of the roof, and / or preserving moisture for some reason and for long periods of time may develop moss carpets. This always accelerates wood shakes / shingles breakdown and shortens their life span.

  • You can expect cedar shingles / shakes to last at least 20 years when installed on roofs with a 4/12 or greater pitch. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the longer it will most likely last – installations on shallower roofs will usually result in leaks.
  • Life expectancy of roofs pitched 6/12 or more increases to around 30 years. Another way to increase its life span is to install it on spaced battens instead of solid decking (plywood or boards). This allows for additional air circulation beneath the shingles, speeds up moisture evaporation, and slows curling and rotting process. However, some jurisdictions fire codes might require solid decking instead of battens.
  • Cedar shingles can be treated for fire resistance during the manufacturing process, which gives them Class B, or C rating.
  • There are metal roofing products that resemble very closely cedar wood shakes and cedar wood shingles – perhaps something to consider…

Not sure what to do, still between the cedar wood shingles and something else – we can answer your questions and perform Illinois wood shingles installation for you.