Illinois Cost For Roof Replacement

Illinois cost for roof replacement from your Illinois roofing contractor

Use this Illinois cost for roof replacement calculator and receive an additional 10% Discount from your Illinois roofing contractor

Illinois cost for roof replacement calculator doesn’t require roof climbing. Unless you have a complicated roof shape you should be able to get two required dimensions from the ground level.
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2 Easy steps to use Illinois cost for roof replacement calculator:

Illinois roofing contractor - cost for roof replacement calculator

1. Enter your roof’s ground projection length and width (X & Y on the drawing above).

In case the roof has soffits / its projection extends beyond the house wall (same as on the drawing), make sure that you add those extra inches (feet) to the length and width.

  • Example:

House wall width = 30 feet
Approximate roof overhang = 12” on each side = 2 x 12” = 2 feet
Total width of the roof = 30 feet + 2 feet = 32 feet

2. Determine which of the four images resembles your roof’s shape (slope / pitch) the best and pick one of the options from the corresponding drop-down list located beneath the image

Cost for roof replacement - Illinois low to medium slope roof cost calculator

House roofs are considered as Low – Medium pitched if they are easy to walk on. This makes them the least expensive to install.

Illinois cost for roof replacement - steep slope roof cost calculatorIllinois roofing contractor - very steep slope roof cost calculator

To perform asphalt shingle installation on a steep and very steep roof some supplementary fall arrest equipment in addition to roofing jacks and planks is required. This adds extra cost to the installation process.

Mansard roof calculator - Illinois roofing contractor

Installation of a Mansard roof might require scaffolding making it even more difficult. Therefore, your estimate from the ground will most likely require our visit – just let us know.

This cost for roof replacement calculator will give you an approximate cost of an asphalt shingle roof replacement performed by an Illinois roofing contractor – JB Roofing Inc. (scroll down, below the calculator for some extremely important information)

You may be able to find another Illinois roofing contractor offering even lower cost for roof replacement than ours. However, we’ve been serving the Illinois / Chicago metropolitan area market for over 15 years performing virtually every type of a residential and commercial roof installation as well as sheet metal work and gutters.

Our every roof installation proposal / final price contains the following:

  • JB Roofing Inc. provides 10 year labor warranty / asphalt shingles warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Evaluation of the roof surface and house’s attic if such is requested by the homeowner.

We highly recommend attic evaluation prior to the roof installation because of the very common attic mold contamination issues. Just by looking at the roof’s surface and even after removing the old shingles layer it is not possible to determine if you have a mold problem. Sometimes a few seconds in the attic might save you thousands of dollars in mold remediation fees. It’s your house and the final decision always belongs to you but we want you to be aware of any issues before we start any project.

  • Roof measurements to provide the most accurate proposal and to confirm dimensions provided by the costumer (if using our Illinois cost for roof replacement calculator)
  • Cost of materials required to perform our quality installation: asphalt architectural shingles (30 or 50 year warranty), ice and water shield, felt paper
  • Removal and disposal of the old shingles if required (calculator option)
  • Installation of a masonry chimney and / or skylight flashing if such is required (one of the calculator options)
  • Installation of a new ridge vent if requested by the homeowner (calculator option as well)
  • Labor, overhead, and small profit

Keep in mind that the results from Illinois cost for roof replacement calculator are only estimated and as accurate as your measurements.

There is nothing to worry if you are not capable (for any reason whatsoever) to provide your roof’s ground projection values. All you need to do is contact us (call our representative Charlie at 224-489-9402 and mention 10% discount offer or email – click on “Get 10% Discount NOW” button) and will be happy to do measurements for you at no cost at all. You do not have to sign any agreements to get our estimate.

As an Illinois roofing contractor our goal is to provide you with exceptional product and positive experience in installation of your new asphalt shingles roof at the lowest possible cost for roof replacement.