Mettawa Illinois Asphalt Shingles Installations

Watch JB Roofing performing Mettawa Illinois Asphalt Shingles Installations

JB Roofing, Inc has been conducting Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations over 15 years. Although asphalt shingles installations are simply just one of our specialties, they are absolutely a dominating one.

Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installationsA large number of properties in Illinois have asphalt shingle roofs because of the strength in addition to shingles affordable cost, which is substantially lower than that of the metallic, cedar, slate, or perhaps some other roofing materials, all while furnishing an equally long lasting overall performance.
For most of our projects along with Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations we recommend Timberline asphalt shingles. This particular brand name is known over the entire USA simply because of its essential properties:
Very high quality
Remarkable weather level of resistance
Asphalt roofing shingles appearance
Lifetime Limited Warranty on a few of the GAF Timberline® asphalt roof shingles

Affordable price

The manufacturer of Timberline® asphalt roof shingles is the NJ located GAF Materials Corporation, and asphalt roofing shingles are not their only product. GAF concentrates on production of a range of construction products and also other items like film to make / recording motion pictures.

Let me explain why JB Roofing prefers GAF materials for most Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations:

The manufacturer was founded in the 1880 and that makes it one from the oldest construction material manufacturers in the nation. After buying Elk Corporation In 2007, GAF took over as the largest roofing material maker in the nation.
Over a century of experience in top notch production as well as an extremely positive response originating from the consumers makes GAF the most preferred asphalt roofing shingles producer in North America.

Many of our customers quite often request Timberline asphalt roof shingles before we even have an opportunity to suggested them. This is a good reason that the product line is the flagship of GAF’s production company.

After performing Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations for such a long time and dealing with materials produced by many different manufacturers, our company is confident that Timberline® asphalt roofing shingles are the top rated in many categories, for instance:

Variety of colors
Numerous choices of texture
Impact resistance
Energy efficient capabilities

The actual appeal as well as close resemblance to other traditional roofing materials – some of the roof shingles
Along with the above listed features and a thirty yrs to lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty time period, our company adds a ten year labor warranty that covers brand new Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations.

Before making any sort of judgements, allow us to give you a free of charge estimate for your asphalt shingles roof installation. We also bring asphalt shingles samples to your property to help you find the one which complements your own house’s appearance the best.
Maybe you would have a preference for something different than Timberline® asphalt shingles? Not a problem, for your Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installation we can easily supply you with a product from the supplier of your preference.
Simply pick up your phone, call (847) 639 – 7756 and ask for Charlie.

At JB Roofing we make all Mettawa Illinois asphalt shingles installations our top priority.