Roof Decking Replacement by JB Roofing, Illinois Roofing Contractor

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Roof decking replacement is rarely considered by the homeowner.

There are a couple of very simple reasons behind it:

  • Roof decking top surface hidden beneath the layer of some finishing material is not accessible for evaluation
  • Even if there’s an accessible attic, home owners rarely (if ever) visit it for examination

At JB roofing we highly recommend performing your attic’s inspection prior to the roof installation procedure. In many cases just a few minutes in the attic area can reveal some critical conditions that can be easily corrected during the roof installation and by a partial or complete roof decking replacement.

The most common issue is attic black mold contamination caused by ventilation problems.

Mold contaminated decking image - roof decking replacement by JB Roofing, Illinois roofing contractorMold remediation process might be extremely expensive, often exceeds contaminated roof decking replacement cost twice or even three times. Roof decking replacement at the time of your new roof installation can easily save you thousands of dollars. Can you imagine your frustration when you find out about mold in your attic after your new roof has been installed?

There are situations when you consider installation of a second layer of roofing material to save money, speed up the process, or to avoid chaos that some homeowners experience while having their old roofing material torn off the decking surface.

Even if you didn’t notice any leaks from your old roof, moisture might have penetrated it surface and compromised roof decking underneath.  While installing second layer of shingles we simply use longer nails to penetrate the first layer and decking underneath, but…
Any deteriorated / rotten sections of roof decking hidden beneath the old shingles might remain undiscovered, will cause new roofing nails to become loose and eventually start coming off and penetrate new shingles surface. This is another reason behind the importance of roof decking replacement or at least performing a roof tear-off and a fresh new roof installation.

Remember that a weakened / rotten roof decking may not provide sufficient support for a snow load, hold roofing nails, and become a contributing factor to wind damaging force.You might be able to start investigating your roof’s surface from the ground level, look for dips, lower / uneven section, or humps. We’ll confirm your findings and re-evaluate entire roof surface again.

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If necessary we perform your roof decking replacement, work on your ventilation issues and new roof installation.