Illinois Asphalt Shingles Roof Tear-Off, Reroofing, Repairs

There are a several factors that will help us to decide which one of the two options: Illinois asphalt shingles roof tear-off or asphalt shingles reroofing are more beneficial for you and your house. I’ll use “asphalt shingles” below, but in most cases, described conditions will apply also to rolled composition type roofs or some flat / low slope roofs (depending on used material).

  • Illinois asphalt shingles roof tear-off – it refers to removal of the old roof / fresh installation of a new one
  • Asphhalt shingles reroofing – installation of an additional layer over the old one

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Illinois Asphalt Shingles Roof Tear-Off

Illinois Asphalt Shingles Roof Tear-Off - the better choice than reroofingAlthough, removing of the old asphalt shingles roof layer may not be required for some installations, roofing professionals agree that installation of a new layer over the old one has approximately 25% shorter life span than a clean installation. Other very important reasons to perform old asphalt shingles roof tear-off:

  • Your roof has already 2 or more roofing material layers installed – 2 layers is the maximum permitted by most if not all jurisdictions. Combined weight of the roofing material might exceed the bearing load of the roof framing and result in its failure. The problem escalates in cold climates where there is additional weight of snow your roof has to deal with.
  • Heavily deteriorated old shingles will compromise reroofing - Illinois asphalt shingles roofHeavily deteriorated asphalt shingles roof material surface – even if it is only a single layer of deteriorated shingles, installation of a new one on top of it will not look pretty. During the hot summer months, new layer of asphalt shingles will shape itself to whatever is underneath it. Sections of the old asphalt shingles might be missing, deformed / curling and the new layer will eventually become uneven and start deteriorating faster.
  • Old layer of asphalt shingles left under the new one slows cooling process. Asphalt shingles generally last longer in colder climates / lower temperatures, so the additional layer that preserves heat is not really helping.
  • Type of the roofing material currently on your house may not be compatible with a new one.
  • Leaking roof and damaged roof decking – it might be difficult to repair rotten roof decking, patch old shingles to achieve flat surface, and guarantee that the new layer installation will look pleasing to your eye, especially after a few hot summers.

One more extremely important reason to perform Illinois asphalt shingles roof tear-off

Mold contaminated roof decking is cheaper to replace while changing the roof than hiring mold remediation professionalWhenever you decide to do something with your roof, check your attic or have it examined by a professional prior to performing any roof work (your roofer would be just the right person).

There are critical things within your attic that can be easily corrected at the time of the roof replacement. I’m talking about attic / roof ventilation and attic mold which almost always results from a poor air circulation beneath the roof decking.

If you find mold in your attic, roofing contractor can easily correct ventilation issues, and replace contaminated roof decking with a new one. Although, attic mold is not likely to contaminate your house environment, removing it could become critical while selling your property.

It might simply compromise the entire transaction and trying to remediate heavily contaminated attic is often much more expensive than replacement of the contaminated decking material at the time of roof tear-off.

Illinois Asphalt Shingles Roof – Reroofing & Roof Repairs

If the existing roof has only one layer, it has a flat surface – no displacements, deterioration, physical damage to its roofing material or decking underneath that could impact the new layer, and you are comfortable with some of the obstacles described in the roof tear-off section, a new roof is not necessary.

I’m sure you know that old saying – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – some of the home owners push their luck a little too hard with old roofs, but often there is also a financial issue. The cost of patching and re-patching of damaged surface is just a fracture of the reroofing cost.

Roof patching is cheaper that reroofing and sometimes logicalThere are many situations where roof repairs make more sense and are simply logical. If you’re not sure what to do with your roof, make arrangements for at least 3 professional evaluations / estimates, never relay on a single opinion. If you personally don’t know anyone who has some roofing experience, ask your friends, try to find someone who has no purpose in providing false opinion.

Contact your Illinois roofing contractor with any questions concerning house roofing issues.

Don’t forget about checking your house attic on regular basis and especially when deciding on a new Illinois asphalt shingles roof.