Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Installation by JB Roofing

Watch this video below of JB Roofing Inc. installing composite slate tiles roof.

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Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Where is the slate roof  tile material coming from?

Slate is mined all over the world, including US. Not an easy task because it often involves very deep excavation and requires skilled workers to manufacture the final product ” roof slate tile.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – What slate tile colors are available?

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect - Damaged tiles

There are five basic colors of slate: black, red, gray, purple, and green. However, the most common are gray, blue-gray, black, shades of green, deep purple, brick red, and mottled (mixed) colors.

Over time / after the installation, and depending on the slate quality / type, its color might change significantly and fast or slowly, which may not even be noticeable.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Slate tile quality

Illinois slate tile roof  in Mount Prospect - image of damaged slate tiles Simple grading scale has been developed for slate,  but the material usually lasts much longer than graded:

  • S1 – more than 75 years (100+ is not uncommon)
  • S2 – 5-75 years
  • S3 – below 45 years

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Maintenance requirements for the slate roof tile

Just like any of the roof types, this one too requires periodical inspections and maintenance if necessary. Once a year visual inspection should be sufficient, unless there are some emergencies.  Use binoculars if possible or hire a professional to do it for you, any loose or damaged tiles should be replaced immediately by an experienced roofer to prevent leakage.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Environmental impact

It is 100% natural, so disposing of it can cause no harm to our environment.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Slate protecting you and your house

Image of missing tiles - Illinois slate tile roof in Mount Prospect Because of its weight (approximately 800 ” 1000 pounds per square of the roof surface for standard thickness, 1500 pounds for 3/8” thick / square ” 10’ x 10’), slate roofs are much more wind resistant than asphalt shingles and other lightweight roofing materials.

Since slate introduction as a roofing material some 5 centuries ago, its installation procedure hasn’t change much. That means that slate tile installation has been perfected to the point, that if performed by a professional it will provide long-term reliability, and a leak free performance.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Fire resistance of the slate roof

Slate roof tile is fireproof, but if the fire starts inside your home and travels into the attic consuming parts of the supporting framing on its way… the fire resistance feature benefits are rather non existing… maybe for your neighborhood.

Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect – Structural requirements for your slate roof

Ideal support for a heavy slate roof would be 2”x12” rafters spaced every 16” with ¾” tongue and grove decking. Pre-manufactured structure should also have 16” spacing, trusses built to support slate with at least 5/8” or ¾” plywood decking.
Roof structure flexibility is not desirable and would result in poor installation, performance problems within short period of time.

Slate tile installations should not be performed on roofs with a pitch lower than 4/12 (4/12 and 5/12 pitched roofs require double felt underlayment), but some jurisdictions may have higher restrictions.

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Illinois Slate Tile Roof in Mount Prospect best part ” how much does a slate roof installation cost?

There a few variables in the estimate process:

  • Slate tile type / quality – consider investing in a high quality slate from trustworthy quarries, this can be a cost effective solution over the long run
  • roof design / shape ” complicated designs require more cuts / waste, flashings, etc.
  • roof pitch ” higher difficulty on high pitch roofs
  • building height ” same as above
  • and a few other things that may or may not affect your bank account damage.

Taking all of the above into consideration you can expect to pay between $10.00 – $40.00 per square foot of the installed slate tile roof in Mount Prospect.

If Illinois slate tile roof in Mount Prospect is something you’ve been looking for, let us know – your Illinois roofing contractor.