Torch down roofing installation in Illinois by JB Roofing

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Torch down roofing installation by JB Roofing , Illinois roofing contractor

Torch down roofing installation or modified bitumen type roofing installation (called like that because of the mixing process of asphalt and rubber compounds) are performed by vulcanization of rubber sheathing onto a fiberglass base.

Vulcanization process is achieved by torching / melting overlapping sections of asphalt coated sheets of fiberglass and polyester.

Torch down roofing installation provides extra strength and resistance to a flat or low sloped roof but it’s not recommended for areas experiencing extended periods of heavy rain falls and significant snow accumulations.

Torch down roofing installation life span is usually between 10-20 years, which depends on the number of layers.

  • 10-15 years life span applies to a double layer torch down roof installation, which includes a base and a single protective torch down layer
  • 15-20 years life span is achieved by applying a smooth torch down layer over the base and a protective granules surface layer on top of it.

Properly performed torch down roofing installations are very strong, their flexible surface resistant to extreme weather conditions such as wind or hail, and easy to repair in case of any mechanical damage.

For as long as the roof structure has been properly constructed and a minimum slope developed to allow for the rain water drainage you’ll experience years of almost maintenance free performance.

Heavily wooded areas might cause torch down roof installations life span to diminish slightly unless you remove debris and leafs on regular basis – this can be easily done by using a leaf blower.

If you considering a torch down roofing installation feel free to contact JB Roofing, Illinois Roofing Contractor